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Who attended the Bandung Conference?

The Asia-Africa Conference of 1955 or the Bandung Conference saw the attendance of the 5 Colombo powers and 24 representatives from different Asian and African countries.
Plennary Hall of the Bandung Conference
1. Afghanistan - Foreign Minister Sardar Mohammad Naim Khan
2. Cambodia – Prime Minister Norodom Sihanouk
Prime Minister Norodom Sihanouk
3. People's Republic of China – Premier Zhou Enlai
Premier Zhou Enlai in Bandung Conference
4. Egypt – Preisdent Gamal Abdel Nasser
President Gamal Abdel Nasser
5. Ethiopia - Ambassador Ato Yilma Deressa, Ethiopia to US
6. Gold Coast (Ghana) – Minister Kojo Bostio
7. Iran – Finance Minister Dr. Ali Amini
Finance Minister Ali Amini
8. Iraq – Foreign Minister Fadil al-Jamali
Flag of the Kingdom of Iraq
9. Japan – Takasaki Tatsunosuke
Tatsunosuke Takasaki
10. Jordan – Foreign Minister Walid Salah
11. Laos – Prime Minister Katay Sasorith
12. Lebanon – Prime Minister Sami el Solh
Sami as-Solh
13. Liberia – Secretary of State Momolu Dukuly
14. Libya – Prime Minister Mahmud Bey Muntasser
15. Nepal – Foreign Secretary Major Sovag Jung Tahpa
Major General Sovag Jung Tahpa
16. Philippines – Carlos P. Romulo
17. Saudi Arabia – Crown Prince Amir Faisal
Crown Prince Faisal
18. Sudan – Prime Minister Ismail el-Azhari
Prime Minister Ismail el-Azhari
19. Syria – Foreign Minister Khalid al-Azm
Prime Minister Khalid al-Azm
20. Thailand – Prince Wan Waithayakon
21. Turkey – Deputy Prime Minister Fatin Rustu Zorlu
22. Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North) – Pham Van Dong
Deputy Premier Pham Van Dong
23. State of Vietnam (South) – Nguyen Van Thoai
24. Yemen – Prime Minister Prime Minister Seif el Islam el Hassen

All 24 states sent representatives after receiving an invitation from the 5 Colombo Powers who were represented in Bandung by the following:

1. India - Jawaharlal Nehru
2. Indonesia - Ali Sastroamidjojo
3. Pakistan - Mohammad Ali
4. Ceylon - John Kotelawala
5. Burma - U Nu

Myths about the attendees had spread in many books. Many accounted that Yugoslav leader Josef Broz Tito attended the Bandung as well as Ghana leader Kwame Nkrumah, but this, however, proved to be untrue. 

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