Sunday, August 27, 2017

Death of a Great Power - The Partition of Poland

Cartoon on the First Partition of Poland
In 1795, the Polish people, who once controlled immense power in Eastern Europe, saw their country disappeared from the face of the world, devoured by its aggressive expansionist neighbors.

The Sultanate of Delhi: The Khalji Dynasty

Before the Mughal Empire boasted its sub-continental Empire, the Sultanate of Delhi existed and ruled most of India becoming a powerhouse in a divided India. The Mamluk Dynasty established and secured the Sultanate’s existence, but the House of Khalji worked to keep it and to expand its dominion over the rest of India.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Sultanate of Delhi: The Mamluk Dynasty

Delhi Sultanate under the MamluksBefore the Mughal Empire came to be, the Sultanate of Delhi stood as the most powerful state in all of Northern India. A Sultanate founded by Afghan warlords, it dominated its neighbors, defended itself against Mongols, and ruled by Sultan with each having a different personality. Explore this Sultanate that endured for centuries until the conquest of Babur came.