Friday, November 30, 2018

Greco-Persian War

It tested the might of the Achaemenid Persian Empire at the zenith of its power pitting it against the confederacy of Greek city states led by Athens and Sparta lasting between 492 to 449 BCE.

Economy of the Achaemenid Empire

The Achaemenid Persian Empire established the largest land Empire the ancient world had ever seen until the rise of Alexander the Great. More than the largest land empire, it could also boast itself as the largest economy in the ancient world with various luxury goods and commodities traded in the market and employment given in many works provided by the imperial government.

Who was Darius I the Great?

“Darius the King says: Ahuramazda, the greatest of the gods, created me, made me king, bestowed upon me this kingdom, great, possessed of good horses, possessed of good men.” 
– Darius, Palace foundation inscription

Who was Cambyses II?

Cambyses II invoke division when it came to his legacy as ruler of Persia. Under his rule from 530 and 522 BCE, he expanded the Persian Empire eastward, towards the rich and fertile lands of Egypt.
Cambyses II capturing Pharaoh Psamtik III

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Who was Ashoka?

Sarnath Capital as India's National EmblemOne of his capital now serves as India’s national emblem. Ashoka ruled as the 3rd Mauryan Empiror (r. 268 – 232 BCE), the most recorded in the dynasty’s history. He became a legend for his transformation and benevolence becoming one of India’s most revered rulers.

Sunday, September 30, 2018