Sunday, February 26, 2017

Who was Harald Bluetooth Gormsson?

King Harald Bluetooth in Civilization V
Harald Bluetooth ruled as King of a united Denmark from around 958 until 987 and his mysterious demise, overseeing great projects and changes among the Danes, most importantly the rise of Christianity.

Who were the Berserkers?

1872 Woodcut Image of Berserkers
Dictionaries defined berserk as out of control with anger or excitement; wild or frenzied. The word earned such a meaning from the most feared warrior among the Vikings – the Berserkers. These wild and aggressive warriors fought their way in history clad with animal skins and armed with axes, swords, shields, and uncontrollable rage.

Who was Johann Struensee?

Johann StruenseeEnlightened absolutism, an idea where the ideas of the Enlightenment championed and implemented by monarchies ruling through divine right, spread across Europe in the 18th century. From Russia to Spain, monarchies called for rule of law, reason, and liberalism. Denmark on the other hand experienced absolute absolutism under a strange circumstances. Reforms aligned to the Enlightenment movement befell Denmark under the hands of a foreign German doctor named Johann Struensee. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rollo and the Foundation of Normandy

The Baptism of Rollo in a French Manuscript
Normans and Normandy changed world history. They testified to the openness of the Vikings to assimilate yet maintained their ferocity in battle that brought them success in many areas. And it all began with one Viking leader named Rollo. Explore how Rollo founded Normandy?