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Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 11): Effects of the Perry Expedition

Nagasaki Naval Training Center
After signing the Treaty of Kanagawa and ending his second visit to Japan, tremendous change followed. Explore the effects of Perry's expedition to the United States and Japan.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 10): Visit to Shimoda and Hakodadi

Perry Meeting with Officials of Hakodadi (Hakodate)
Right after the Treaty of Kanagawa was signed, Perry then journeyed to visit the ports given access to them. Explore what Commodore Perry and his squadron experienced from these two ports.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 9): The Treaty of Kanagawa

Commodore Perry Meeting the Japanese Commissioners
Yezaiman proposed Yokohama as a new location for a meeting. But would the Americans agree and what other hurdles did Perry faced to achieve his goal of a treaty. Explore the obstacles that Perry and the Japanese commissioners faced before signing a landmark treaty that changed Japan forever.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 8): Second Arrival of Perry

Drawing of Perry's Squadron during the Second Visit
After the Russians left, Perry rushed back to Japan, only to face an obstructionist Japanese tactics. But with an old friend from the previous visit, the path towards Japan’s opening began. Explore Perry’s return to Japan and difficulty that both sides faced from each other.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 7): In Between Two Visits

Abe MasahiroAfter Perry ended his first visit, the Japanese reacted differently on what to do next. Meanwhile, the Russians arrived demanding the same thing as Perry. Explore the divide within the Japanese government and the arrival of the Russians.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 6): Delivery of the Letter and End of First Visit

Delivery of the US President's Letter
Edo agreed to receive the letter in Uraga, both sides then showed the best of what they got. Explore the events of Perry’s delivery of the Presidential Letter to the Commissioners representing the Shogunate of Japan.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 5): First Arrival of Perry

Japanese Depiction of a Black Ship (from MIT Visualizing Culture)
After a long journey from the other side of the world, Perry finally arrived in Japan. Explore the initial contacts between the Japanese and the American squadron.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 4): Perry Sailed East

President Millard FillmoreDue to allegation of misconduct, Commodore Matthew Calbrith Perry suddenly found himself the new commander of a squadron destined for Japan. Explore how Perry journeyed east to begin his mission to change country’s policy and history.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 3): Attempts and Plans

The Morrison - A Japanese DrawingJapan continued to pursue isolation into the middle of the 19th century. But times had change and westerners continued to pursue to reverse the Shogunate’s policy. Explore previous attempts of western countries to establish relations with Japan and the plan hatched by the Americans

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 2): The Empire of Japan

Tokugawa IeyoshiThe United States experienced growth and development by the time of Perry’s Expedition. But what was the condition of Japan. Explore the condition of the home of the samurais before the arrival of the American expedition.

Perry Expedition and the Opening of Japan (Part 1): Perry's United States

Commodore Matthew PerryAn expedition sent to open Japan from two hundred years of isolation to fulfill the economic and political wants of the United States. Explore the United States and its intention for sending Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan.